Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial Rejuvenation

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Popularised by celebrities, the Platelet Rich Plasma, aka, the “Vampire Facial” procedure is a non-surgical treatment that greatly increases the appearance of your skin. The treatment has been known to improve skin texture, add volume to the face, hands and neck, eliminate acne scars and stretch marks as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and under eye wrinkles. This procedure uses the healing properties one’s own blood to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin and can be completed in less than an hour.



How it works

A small quantity of blood is drawn and then spun in a special centrifuge to separate its components (Red Blood Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Plasma) It is then spun one more to achieve optimal concentration.

The platelet rich plasma is separated from the rest of the blood and then activated with a small amount of calcium to allow the release of growth factors from the platelets which in turn amplifies the healing process. Following the administration of local anesthesia, the plasma is then injected directly into the desired area.



A noticeable improvement in skin texture within a month of the procedure and maximum collagen regeneration occurs around 3 months, this results in a visually plumper, lifted and smoother effect on the skin. For optimum results, many patients have up to three treatments spaced at 4 to 8-week intervals and the results are typically maintained for about 18 – 24 months.

Who is it Best For?

Platelet Rich Plasma is an awesome procedure for both men and women looking for a visual improvement to their features without the desire to go under a knife or undertake lengthy procedures. The long-lasting effects, as well as the fact that it improves several layers of skin with its collagen boosting and healing properties, make it a plus for those who don’t just want to look better, but feel better as well.


Complications & Possible Side Effects

As PRP is autologous, meaning it contains substances that comes directly from one’s own body, it is generally less likely that an allergic reaction will occur. That said, there are a few small risks involved. Risks such as infection, nerve injuries and pain at the injection site are all possible but also mitigated by the high level of training our staff has received.


Typical Cost

$800 – $1000 per treatment

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