Chemical Peels

To help cleanse and revitalize your skin at the deepest levels, we provide medical-grade chemical peels. This innovative treatment can be customized to address a wide array of skin concerns. This procedure requires minimal downtime. 

Chemical Micro-peel is a process that enables us to penetrate the skin to allow good antioxidants to affect the dermis layer of the skin. This treatment causes the previously stagnant collagens to once again promote the cell turnover in the dermis, providing the appearance of younger looking, healthier and more skin.

calgary chemical peel

How it Works

First, the skin is cleansed then a protective layer is added to shield the skin. The peel is applied to the skin and allowed to dry. Once dry, the peel is removed and a Ritnol serum is applied to complete the application.  During the procedure, patients typically feel a burning sensation that lasts between 5 – 10 minutes, followed by a stinging sensation. 


Who is This For?

Chemical peels are an excellent procedure to improve the look and feel of skin. They are also known to reduce fine lines, treat the visual effects of sun damage, reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches and treat certain types of acne.

Complications & Possible Side Effects

There is a very tiny risk of scaring in certain areas of the face, if this does happen, it can usually be treated with good results.


Typical Costs

AHA Chemical Peel: $125
Vitamin C Peel: $125
Vi (Vitality) Peel or Equivalent: $300
Acne Peel: $300

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