Vaginoplasty - Vaginal Tightening

Age and vaginal delivery can lead to stretching and sagginess of the vaginal walls, but now thanks to new, non surgical laser and radio frequency technologies, we can revive the vaginal canal by building up and strengthening the perineal body (area between the vagina and anus). This relatively painless vaginal tightening procedure (aka ‘vaginoplasty’) is generally done to make the vagina feel tighter and address changes in sexual pleasure and sensation and satisfaction.

How it works

The procedure can be done under general or local anesthetic and takes about an hour to complete. We use either laser or radiofrequency devices within the vaginal canal to increase collagen formation by heating up the tissue, which results in in ‘collagen remodeling’ (stimulating new collagen production and tightening/rearranging existing collagen fibers).  This in turn results in a tightening of the muscles in the vaginal canal and in increase in sexual function. Due to an ongoing increase in collagen production, the effects usually take about a month to fully materialise.


Risks and common side effects?

Vaginal discharge and possible temporary tenderness has been associated with early intercourse after the procedure. There is also a small risk of infection, bleeding, or pain. Due to this, patients are instructed to reframe from tampons or intercourse for one to four days post treatment. If you chose to have general anesthetic, it is recommended that you give yourself  3 – 4 days off work to fully recover.


How often does the procedure need to be done?

As the procedure is not considered permanent, it is recommended that retreatment is preformed at 6 – 12 month intervals.


How do I begin?

This procedure requires a complementary consultation to discuss your unique needs and treatment plan. We will also need to fully discuss any medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments and current medications you may be taking.


Typical Cost

Our Vaginoplasty vaginal rejuvenation treatment costs start at $3000

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