Vaginal Bleaching

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Hormonal changes, age or child birth may result in the hyperpigmentation of the skin in the vaginal and perineum areas, and that too can be rectified through the use of laser treatments. This treatment removes the darker melanin layers present in the epidermis, resulting in restoring a lighter, more uniformed color to your nether regions.

How it works

The procedure usually begins with undergoing a chemical lightening process by applying lightening agents to the target area for about 4 – 6 weeks. These agents include kojic acids, hydroquinone and retinoic acids. They are designed to help reduce the activity of pigment cells in the target area. Next we imploy the use of lasers to target the pigment cells and cause a photoacoustic ‘shattering effect’ resulting in crusting and shedding which heals after a few days. Typically can expect a 50 – 90% reduction in vaginal hyperpigmentation after the entire procedure is complete.


How many treatments are needed

Due to the pre procedural phase and treatment phase of several procedures spaced between 4 – 6 weeks, the entire procedure could take about 3 to 9 months to greatly improve the hyperpigmentation of the targeted areas.


Side effects

Some people have experienced mild itching and burning sensations after treatment, this can be treated with topical ointments. Patients are ask to avoid rigorous activities like running and sexual intimacy for some time to allow skin to heal.


How do I begin?

This procedure requires a complementary consultation to discuss your unique needs and treatment plan. We will also need to fully discuss any medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments and current medications you may be taking.


Typical Cost 

Our vaginal bleaching treatment costs start at $287


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