Acne Treatment

Feeling your best has a lot to do with looking your best, but sometimes the issue is skin deep and you need a little extra help to clear up and even out your skin.

Our acne treatments are designed to not only clear up your skin from chronic acne issues but also correct scaring and coloration issues to make your skin look refreshed, even and bright.


We offer several treatments to remove acne and clear your skin:


Intense Pulse Light Treatment

IPL treatments has been proven to significantly improve acne breakouts, often eliminating or greatly reducing the need for medication.  This treatment has is both effective and fast acting in reducing mild to moderate acne. The pulsed light destroys acne causing bacteria while also inhibiting future breakouts. This treatment also assists in coagulating scar tissue and refine pores, helping to improve the skin texture and color. The number of treatments depends on severity of is generally spaced at 4 week intervals.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another effective treatment for acne, by enabling us to penetrate the skin and allow antioxidants to helps stimulate collagen to promote cell turnover, to provide the appearance of younger looking, healthier skin. Not only will your skin be clearer, but more even, as well. Click to learn more about our chemical peels.


Micro needling

This common collagen induction therapy is well known to promote healthy skin regeneration and repair scaring from acne, improve skin texture, hyper-pigmentation and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Typical Cost

To ascertain the best treatment procedure for your acne problems, click below to book your complementary consultation, in general, our procedures start at $177.

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